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If there were such a thing as Hot Funk Yoga, experiencing Ego Spank would be it; intense, blazing, and capable of moving you in ways you didn't know you could! 

Ego Spank mixes up diverse musical influences to deliver its own unique funky stew. The band consistently delivers astonishing live performances, weaving complex funk rhythms, strong bass lines and mind-boggling solos with distinctive vocals and musical wit that create a strong, infectious groove guaranteed to move.

With Ego Spank, the hilarious banter is part of the show – you know you’re experiencing something real, uncontrived, joyful and above all, musically delicious!

Being in-demand session musicians, producers and writers in their own right, Ego Spank is an outlet where Murray, Gilles, Marc and Daniel let out some steam… their way. Their performances leave no heads unturned, pleasing new and loyal fans from ear, to mind, to heart.

You’ll be spankful you experienced it!

Gilles Fournier


Gilles’ versatility on various electric basses, string bass, his skills and sharp-eared adventurous musicianship positions him as a most desirable musician to have in any ensemble. Melding a vast experience in the many languages of music allows Gilles to add his highly individualized musical signature to compliment whatever environment he’s thrown into. “Why don’t we put our own band together and satisfy our own musical needs? Spank our own egos!” He suggested the name Ego Spank and the rest is history in the making :)

Murray Pulver


Murray Pulver specializes in six string affairs. He has had the good fortune to play music around the world with numerous outfits, and has become one of the most in demand producers in Winnipeg and beyond. He has always come back to the river city to join his most musical compadres in Ego Spank, since it is in this band that his love of improvisation, musical and whimsical shenanigans has blossomed over the years. “I count myself a very lucky man to be able to make music with my brothers from other mothers.

Marc Arnould


Marc’s prowess on the ebonies & ivories leaves no one unchanged. His musical background is as diverse as one could expect from a freelance musician. Spanning a profession of 25 years, he has garnered a rich pallet of musical flavours from traditional fiddle and country music to R n B, neo soul and jazz, working with artists around the globe. Years of live performance and recording has sharpened his musical instincts for unpredictability which is a required skill in a group such as Ego Spank, where without notice… “Inspiration may strike, and send the band hurling down an abyss of pure bliss…”

Daniel Roy

DANIEL ROY - drums

Ego Spank is a perfect blend of ridiculous fun, inspired creativity, and that thing you did last weekend that people are still talking about.” Daniel works as a session musician, freelance drummer/percussionist, songwriter, musical director, and composer. His versatility allows him to collaborate across many artistic genres, from live concerts, to studio recordings, dance, theatre, film and beyond. He has a tendency to say yes when asked to create something new! It is the fine balance between inspiration and unpredictability, established over twenty years of collaboration, that keeps Daniel excited to perform with his bandmates.

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