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EGO SPANK /ē-(.)gō/ noun /’spank/ verb :   1. An eight-legged, four-nosed music monster known to consume unassuming fans with the nastiest funk and sweatiest R & B known to human or beast.   2. A band comprised of Murray Pulver (guitar, vocals), Gilles Fournier (bass, vocals), Marc Arnould (keys, vocals), and Daniel Roy (drums, vocals), ubiquitous talents in the Winnipeg and International music scene.   3. A slap to one’s exaggerated sense of musical self-importance.
Ego Spank Presents Jack Semple

Ego Spank Presents
is a new concert series featuring EGO SPANK backing up superstar artists.

Our first concert in this series is on October 18th, and features EGO SPANK backing up Juno Award and Western Canadian Music Award winner, legendary Canadian guitarist, Jack Semple.  The incomparable, Juno Award winning,  Al Simmons will be featured on Dec 14. Concerts are held at the West End Cultural Centre in Winnipeg.

For more information about the show on October 18th and to purchase tickets to this show, please see the event page here. Co-curated by Egospank and WECC Artistic Director Kerri Stephens.

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